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LOK Scenery + Chiaroscuro 4/4





They’re pouring latex on him to make a false chest. So that they can place the arc reactor prop in him and make it legitimately look like it’s embedded in is flesh and with tears and scar tissue. The latex is colored so they can see where they are applying and how thick the layers are. It will then be airbrushed to his skintone and details like nipples scar tissue discoloration will be added.

Here’s that picture


Then the reactor prop is added to the dimple. Basically the latex becomes fake skin and they tear part of the center open to embed it.


Now you can see how realistic it looks. 

I cannot express enough how much I love little behind the scenes things like this. 

they got paid to do this, too…


makeup artists are my favorite thing ever


i dont want a job i just want paychecks



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two things I assume everybody has extensive knowledge about

  • harry potter
  • high school musical

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turning saints into the sea

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Little Spoon:

  • feeling safe and secured
  • it feels so warm mmmm
  • straight to sleep bc comfy

Big Spoon:

  • face full of hair
  • one dead arm 
  • awkward boner

Little Spoon:

  • too hot/can’t wiggle
  • someone’s drool on neck
  • holding in farts

Big Spoon:

  • fart all ya want
  • perfect temperature
  • get up and go on tumblr anytime 

This is a complete list of the pros/cons involved in spooning. What a wonderful spooning reference post.

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Just some of the reasons I spend half my life on the computer.

This is why I hate the stereotype of the Internet and people on the Internet. This is exactly why I love the Internet. Society needs to realize this.

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